Bombshell Parts and Avent Cycles are built using modern leading-edge production technologies  . Bombshell & Avent grants the initial purchaser, in buying a completely assembled bicycle, a guarantee of 2 years against material defects and defects in workmanship,  1 year for the frame and 2 years for  parts. Some of our high end parts comes with limited life time warranty. The 2 year guarantee on the bicycle will only be granted when an annual inspection by an authorized Avent / Bombshell dealer - according to the maintenance schedule and instructions delivered with this operations manual takes place.  Bicycles that are subject to extreme stress (DH, dirt, freeride) are also limited to a 1 year guarantee.

The warranty period begins from the date of purchase. This guarantee is only granted to initial purchases from authorized dealer.  In the case of a guarantee claim, Bombshell & Avent has the option, in its sole discretion, to repair or replace the defective parts. Bombshell & Avent reserves the right to exchange broken parts and frames for new parts of the technical niveau and design of the  current model year. Parts that are not defective can only be replaced at the guarantee-holder’s expense. Wear and tear parts, as long as they become damaged through normal wear and tear are excluded from the warranty. These parts are as follows: Rims in conjunction with rim brakes, paint, brake pads, saddle, grips, tires, handlebar, stem, seat post, bearings and the seals of moving parts, sprockets, chain wheels, brake and gear cables. Bombshell & Avent  can not honour any guarantee claim for damage caused by alteration or assembly of any part not appropriate to the respective bicycle type or by misuse.

The guarantee is valid worldwide. To claim the warranty take your guarantee certificate to the place of purchase. The dealer will then take the necessary action. You can also fill warranty claim online at www.bombshellparts.com. A warranty cannot be invoked if changes to the original construction or equipment have been made or the bicycle has been used under abnormal conditions. With this guarantee Bombshell & Avent grants a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty. Additional claims from national warranty rights remain unaffected.

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